DATA GROUP Project Managers have extensive experience in the management and coordination of projects and project teams.

Our project managers play a major role in working with the client to establish the ideal project environment and ensure that the project team has a shared vision to motivate their activities and decisions.

DATA GROUP project managers go beyond being a coordinator and facilitator, and are capable of working closely with all technical disciplines in their day-to-day efforts. They provide leadership to ensure projects are managed effectively and risks identified are managed as a team. While on project engagements, our project managers develop and manage many diverse teams. This ultimately enables them to address challenges very quickly in an innovative and collaborative manner, turning potential problems into opportunities for providing a better solution.

Some of our Project Managers are PMBOK certified, and all are familiar with the PMBOK knowledge, practices and framework of project management.

Our Project Managers have experience with projects ranging from Support and Continuation to new development that encompasses infrastructure procurement, software development, documentation and training.

DATA GROUP Project Managers have worked with a variety of methodologies and tools, including Method/1, Project Workbench, MS Project, Project Central, Project Server, MicroMan, among others. They possess the planning, organization, and people skills necessary to achieve project success.