This Application Outsourcing Services (AOS) option is offered for our clients who want to reduce their costs by outsourcing the project work yet have the flexibility to manage and monitor the deliverables while in the United States itself. Most of the organizations, who don’t have the necessary space for additional staff and equipment choose this option. DATA GROUP home office in Minneapolis has sufficient space and equipment for several large teams. We readily offer this option to our clients, and work with them to see this delivery option is addressed that works best for the project. We will also work with you to employ a process, which meets your needs.

Off-site Delivery Model: Benefits

  • High level of Quality, Service and Reliability.
  • Cost Effectiveness resulting in substantial savings to customers.
  • Availability of a large pool of professionals for execution of time-bound projects with no long-term overheads.
  • Effective Program Management from our Minneapolis Office for effective coordination and single-point responsibility.
  • Access to e-PMS (Project Management System) – a proprietary software of DATA GROUP.
  • Full System Life-Cycle Development
  • World Class Remote Delivery/Capabilities
  • On-time Project Delivery

Off-site Delivery Model: Our Approach Given our technological depth and breadth, we have developed a common approach that underlies all our areas of operation. Using this, we consistently deliver solutions that maximize value for our customers. This approach rests on:

  • Overall responsibility with DATA GROUP.
  • A strategy where we Architect, Integrate and Manage technology services and solutions.
  • A robust offshore development methodology that offers the advantages of parallel development.
  • Apply vertical and technology practices led by domain & technology experts with years of experience in their respective domains.
  • A committed project management team anchors the project effectively to its goal of delivering high quality software to the client(s). Equipped with technical expertise, excellence in domain knowledge and a versatile experience they nurture interactive relationships with the client community coordinating with them to deliver the solutions with best practices and methodologies.
  • A focus on the use of reusable frameworks to provide cost and time benefits.
  • Offering a range of services to clients using innovative delivery models and leveraging on Quality Processes to deliver cost-effective solutions.
  • Ensure proven competency in reducing costs for our clients by 30-40 percent in the first 18 months of engagement, and enabling 5-10 percent productivity improvements year-on-year, and reduced demand on customer resources.

Off-site Delivery Model: What sets US Apart?

  • Assigning a Program Manager/Director in our Corporate Office in Minneapolis to establish direct lines of communication between the client and the offsite/offshore development group(s).
  • Providing direct access to DATA GROUP’s e-PMS, a Web based Project Management System for tight project management control and status reporting.
  • Ensure safety of the source code by taking daily back ups of the software developed offsite/offshore on the DATA GROUP servers in the United States.
  • DATA GROUP typically utilizes the 24 x 7 onsite-offshore delivery model for Applications Management, resulting in 25% – 35% cost savings for the client.

Off-site Delivery Model: Target Segments

  • Building Custom Applications from scratch
  • Enterprise Applications
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Mobile Commerce