DATA GROUP provides technical consulting services, which allow our clients to create IT infrastructure to support web-based applications, reporting and analysis.

Graphic Design Services/Web Designers/Developers
(Java and Microsoft technology)

DATA GROUP provides graphic design and development services both as part of its e-Commerce services and also for stand-alone consulting engagements. Our consultants have a combination of skills in e-commerce GUI architecture, design layouts, creative navigational concepts, coding and backend database connectivity.

So if you want your e-commerce applications to include high quality graphic design presentation, we can make it happen. Our full-service approach to e-commerce consulting integrates user experience, branding and marketing, web technology and e-business strategy. The result is the ability to reach customers and suppliers more effectively and efficiently.

So why not speak with us? Our experienced staff will help you every step of the way from idea to technology implementation, making your company’s transformation into an e-business as smooth a transition as possible.