An efficient and cost effective model

Our mission is to make Application Outsourcing Services (AOS) efficient and cost-effective for both client and vendor companies. DATA GROUP offers flexible delivery options for AOS that scale to client requirements.

These options include:

  • Performing and delivering work offsite at our facility, and
  • Performing and delivering work offshore, significantly reducing your costs.

Each of the delivery options can be used in a combination to match your requirements and processes. We will work with you to identify the best way to deliver the solution you need.

Our Core Competence

The DATA GROUP core competence stems out from the best people and the best processes giving you the best results.

The best people

  • Expertise
  • Commitment
  • Integrity

The best processes

  • Project management
  • Methodology
  • Standards

The best results

  • Quality
  • Timeliness
  • Cost Effective

We design and develop systems tailored to suit your specific requirements. DATA GROUP brings you offsite and offshore development services on both Unix and Windows based operating systems.

Our experience in diverse application areas and our expertise in widely used hardware and software environments, make us an ideal partner for providing software solutions. Internationally accepted and acclaimed methodologies and tools are used at all stages of the project life-cycle. We ensure maximum customer support and our approach is best described in two words: RESPONSIBLE and RESPONSIVE.

Under our Application Outsourcing Model, we carry out the system analysis and design by deputing our software professionals to the customer site. The entire system development is carried out offsite/offshore on our Hardware/Software platforms in line with the specifications.

Our Robust Methodology

At DATA GROUP, we have developed robust methodology that allows us to get projects off the floor swiftly and then proceed on a predictable, low risk path for high quality results. This methodology employs our rich portfolio of reusable components and our distributed development model to offer cost and time benefits to our customers.

The distributed development model is based on our tried and tested methodology that follows these steps:

  • Scope Approval/Signing
  • Assign Program Manager
  • Form a Project Management team
  • Onsite User Requirement Analysis & Knowledge Acquisition
  • Offsite/offshore Simulation and Infrastructure Setup (including setup and access to e-PMS)
  • Project Implementation Plan Approval/Signoff.
  • Formulate offsite/offshore technical team with due diligence to the skill needs on the project
  • Offsite/offshore Project Execution
  • Development
  • Change Management
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Production
  • Final Delivery/Customer Acceptance

We have used this model with great success for customers from diverse industries. All development, integration, system and acceptance testing and warranty support are being carried out Offshore.